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Introducing Christina

As a Mum and now a grandmother I appreciate how quickly that window of opportunity to equip, support and teach our children goes by. It is an old age saying ‘Make the most of it’.
This is so true. Children grow up and leave home before we know it.

My husband Ray and myself have four adult children. Our family is expanding. We now have two daughters-in-law and one son-in-law. The icing on the cake are our nine wonderful grandchildren. We are looking forward to many more grandchildren and intend to indulge in every opportunity to have fun with them. We have thoroughly enjoyed every stage and age of our family and have always endeavored to appreciate the moment with each one of them.

My professional background is firmly grounded in education. Over the last 46 years I have taught both primary and secondary ages, I have taught in State schools, Area schools, Private schools, Christian Schools and of course, Home schooled.

As a teacher I have had responsibility for a large number of students each with a wide range of backgrounds, abilities, attitudes and needs.

As a mother I knew each of my four children were significant individuals in their own right and I wanted the best education for each and every one of them.

Providing Quality Education Resources is a significant responsibility. Meeting the individual needs, individual interests and individual aspirations of all our children is an adventure. As parents this adventure can be daunting and overwhelming at times, but it can also be amazing.

The selection of quality Christian Educational resources has never been better. CES provides a vast range of resources for parents and students of all ages. Resources that will equip and motivate a love of learning, meet those academic goals and above all, develop a love of learning and appreciation of God and all his workmanship.

No matter what the learning or teaching style, whether in the home or classroom, I know that resources are important but the quality of them is crucial.

I look forward supplying curriculum that will help you as parents go from strength to strength in providing a quality educational program for each of your children.

Christina Green


Biblical Based

World View from Christian Perspective.

Contemporary Curricula

Academic integrity and up-to-date information.

Personalised Packages

Target specific goals.

Strategic Structures

State of the art pedagogy for today's generation.

Relevant Resources

Enhance and enrich learning.